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Penny Kome opens her bag for a bag check by a chaperone.[viking1]Shelby Ringdahl and Caroline Sovich watch "Glee" episodes on the bus to Omaha.[viking2]"Force field!"  Caroline Sovich blocks shots from Hannah Pancoast.[viking3]A quiet moment.  Courtney Cooksey strokes Tori Crosby's hair on the bus to Omaha.[viking4]Charlie Davis jokes around with Annie Stella on the bus to Omaha.[viking5]Hannah Overfelt peeks out from her teepee between seats on the bus to Omaha.[viking6]Tori Crosby[viking7]Kyle Sherman found an interesting spot to lay out on the bus to Omaha.[viking8]Jordan Rippeto naps on the bus to Omaha.  People looked for sleep however they could get it.[viking9]Jackie Montano and her mother, Kristine Montano, share a piece of cheesecake at Hu Hot Mongolian Grill in Council Bluffs, Iowa.[viking10]Kate Hrdina and Shelby Ringdahl look over recipe cards at Hu Hot.[viking11]Stephen Welsh takes on Annie Stella in a game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.[viking12]Catherine Sandstedt accompanied the chamber choir on viola.  The chamber chior competed on Friday night, and won first place.[viking13]Molly Totten holds on to flowers for some friends as they accepted the chamber choir awards.[viking14]Breakfast on the morning of the competition.[viking15]Tim Robertson and Ben Williams unload a Satin n Lace set piece.[viking16]Justin "Pockets" Cole uses his pocketknife to open a bag of sugar wafers.[viking17]Mike Pierson speaks to Alex Majors, Molly Totten, while Jackie Montano and Shleby Ringdahl enjoy a piece of cookie cake.[viking18]"Pull!"  Stephen Welsh takes aim at a balloon with a Nerf gun.[viking19]Boys will be boys.  Kyle Sherman offered himself up as a target for the Nerf guns.[viking20]