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The cross has been with the community for almost twenty years.Chalice of the Clifton Presbyterian ChuchFor over forty years, the Jeweled Cross window was only visible from outside the church.The balcony under the illuminated cross was added during the renovation to house the organ speakers. The organ's music now radiates through the sanctuary.The pews, pulpit, communion table, and cross (foreground) were retained from the previous sanctuary.A view from the pulpit of the new entrance of the sanctuary.Rev. Dr. Lynn Stanton-Hoyle, pastor of the church, readies the pulpit for another mass.The Jeweled Cross window "is the piece de resistance," according to parishioner Bette Petereson.  Before the renovation, the window could only be seen from the outside and was artificially lit from inThe interior of the Clifton Presbyterian Church was turned around 180 degrees.  This is now the view that greets parishioners when they enter, with the old entrance behind the communion table.