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Members of Rock Bridge High School's City Lights Show Choir teach children about stage presence at the first annual "Camp Show Choir," on December 12, 2009.[camp1]Camp Show Choir participants give City Lights members high fives on the way to another class.[camp2]Caroline Sovich, Molly Totten, and Kate Hrdina (l-r) wait for Camp Show Choir participants to finish choreography on stage.[camp3]Rock Bridge students show Camp Show Choir partcipants the "roller coaster" move during choreography rehearsal.[camp4]Allison Frisch, Shelby Ringdahl, Jessica Iveson, and Taylor Holiman (l-r) lead choreography rehearsal during Camp Show Choir.[camp5]Caroline Sovich, left, waits while Jackie Montano applies eyeliner during a hair and make-up class at Camp Show Choir.  The ladies reminded participants that even though the make-up made them look likCamp Show Choir participants watch as Jackie Montano, left, and Caroline Sovich demonstrate stage make-up use.[camp7]At Camp Show Choir, Carli Still makes cue cards for "Walking on Sunshine."[camp8]With help from fellow City Lights members Molly Totten, left, and Kyle Sherman, Kate Hrdina, center, leads a stage presence class at Camp Show Choir.  "Pretend you're a dying squid!"[camp9]Shelby Ringdahl sings during the City Lights performance during Camp Show Choir.[camp10]Katie Shay performs during the City Lights Show Choir's performance before Camp Show Choir.[camp11]Jackie Montano, right, dances while cleaning up after Camp Show Choir.[camp12]The City Lights Show Choir performed before the Camp Show Choir performance.[camp13]