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[premier1][premier2][premier3]Mike Pierson plays the piano during a warm-up before the premier concert.[premier4]Holding hands before going on stage.[premier5][premier6]Allie Blaylock, Hannah Overfelt, Molly Totten, Kristen Thackery, and Alex Majors during "Cell Block Tango," Premier Concert, January 14, 2010.[premier8]Shelby Ringdahl during "Cell Block Tango," Preimier Concert.[premier9]Kyle Sherman[premier10]Kristen Thackery during "A Little Upset," Premier Concert.[premier11][premier12]Tim McElroy, Shelby Ringdahl, Jackie Montano, Katie Shay; Premier Concert.[premier13][premier14][premier15][premier16]Feathers wait to be attached to dresses.[premier17][premier18]Shelby Ringdahl during "I Surrender," Premier Concert.[premier7]