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The former D.C. Department of Corrections facility in Lorton is visible from the Laurel Hill Golf Clubhouse, inaugurated on June 16.The Laurel Hill Golf Clubhouse accompanies a Bill Love-designed course on grounds formerly owned by the D.C. Department of Corrections.The Laurel Hill Golf Clubhouse contains a pro shop, along with banquet and bistro rooms.Silvano Melgar tends the bar at the Laurel Hill Golf Clubhouse, which opened on June 16.The clubhouse "reflects the architectural styles of the former [Lorton] prison," (pamphlet) and was a long-awaited addition to the Laurel Hill Golf Club.Park authority member-at-large Georgette Kohler (left), Dranesville district supervisor Joan Dubois, Congressman Jim Moran, Fairfax supervisors chairman Gerald Connolly, park authority director Tim WhMt. Vernon district supervisor Gerry Hyland shows a present from Gilbert McCutcheon, left, at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Laurel Hill Golf Clubhouse on June 16.