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IRENE ROJAS/MissourianAt the FairTax Rally, Alice Forker, left, Kim Lockwood and Erin Dunn sell related apparel.IRENE ROJAS/MissourianSupporters of offered this motorcycle in a raffle as part of the rally.IRENE ROJAS/MissourianPaul Meyer, carrying the flag, speaks with Pete Jones from "Learn to Carry," a group promoting firearm and concealed weapons permit education, at the rally.IRENE ROJAS/MissourianMissouri Rep. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, spoke about his staunch support for the "fair tax" legislation.IRENE ROJAS/MissourianDemocratic organizer Jessica Wexler stressed that the "fair tax" legislation's predominantly Republican supporters must be inclusive of other political groups for the legislationIRENE ROJAS/MissourianSamuel J. Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," was one of the featured speakers at the FairTax Rally on Saturday. He told the audience, "If it saves my brothers and sIRENE ROJAS/MissourianPolitical badges were on display at the FairTax Rally.IRENE ROJAS/MissourianJeff Parnell interviews Lee Lewis from Tebbets about his support for consumption legislation at the FairTax Rally. Lewis has supported "fair tax" legislation since 1994.