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Brenden Neville waits while a technician at Tryathletics inspects his bicycle on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.  Neville met his girlfriend Lindsay Parsons through the MU cycling club. Both are avid fairweaBrenden studies in his room while waiting for Lindsay to arrive from work on Wednesday, March 4, 2009.  They cook dinner together almost every night, which Lindsay describes as "one of the centers ofBrenden and Lindsay share a quiet moment in the midst of cooking.  In addition to spending time cooking and cycling, Brenden is also the head reporter for a local website on veterans issues."She lets me help sometimes," Brenden Neville says as he and Lindsay cook their nightly meal.  Lindsay praises Brenden with challenging her to create more creative recipes.Brenden says that his "girlfriend is a de-stressor."  They are planning an international trip for mid 2009, inspired by the adventures of chef Anthony Bourdain, of whom they are both fans.