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U.S.S. Wisconsin, next to Nauticus, a maritime museum.Water balloon fight at Norfolk HarborfestOne of the big attractions at the Norfolk Harborfest is the build-off boat race, in which teams are given certain materials on Saturday and must build a boat to compete in a race on Sunday.  Here, theContestants in the first heat of the build-off boat race line up at the starting line.One of the members of "Croc Rocket" demonstrates the flippers they were using instead of oars."Little Italy" tipped over soon after getting in the water and therefore didn't compete.After the race, a member of "Croc Rocket" poked holes in the pontoons to drain the water.  The boat had become too heavy to carry away from the dock.The owner of a big-wheel bicycle talks to visitors at the Norfolk Harborfest on June 13, 2010.Kids cool off with water jets at the Norfolk Harborfest.Dockdogs Competition at Norfolk Harborfest