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Sharon Quinn made a hula hoop for stress relief.Sharon Quinn looks at family photos in the house she shares with her boyfriend.Sharon Quinn listens to Trisha Dietrich at the Artist's Way class on March 3, 2010.Trisha Dietrich, left, and Sharon Quinn take a smoke break outside the Odd Pod.  Dietrich completed the Artist's Way course ten years ago, and is now leading the course at the Odd Pod.Sharon Quinn's wig that she wore at the True/False Festival.  She wishes to one day have a closet full of costume clothes.Sharon Quinn explores the new Odd Pod studio space on February 28, 2010.In the new Odd Pod studio, Sharon Quinn jokes with Todd Yatsook (left).Sharon Quinn stands in the old Odd Pod studio on February 28, 2010.  She and the other members of the studio got the keys to their new space that day and began inspecting it.Sharon Quinn works on a cyanotype in the old Odd Pod studio on Februaru 28, 2010.  Cyanotypes are one of her creative outlets.