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Joel Johnstone rests before City Lights’ performance at the Harrisonville Invitational.  The choirs left Columbia at 6:30 am and returned at 2 am the next day.[harrisonville5]Molly Totten and Shelby Ringdahl[harrisonville6]Annie Barksdale checks on her curlers.[harrisonville7]Caroline Sovich (left), Shelby Ringdahl (center), Jackie Montano (right)[harrisonville8]Kelsie Henry applies make-up on the bus to Harrisonville, MO.[harrisonville9][harrisonville10]Caroline Sovich and Shelby Ringdahl[harrisonville11]Shelby Ringdahl[harrisonville12]Satin 'n Lace warms up for their performance at the Harrisonville Invitational.[harrisonville13]A Satin n' Lace member lays out her costumes for a quick change.[harrisonville14][harrisonville15]Teresa Wang; Satin 'n Lace[harrisonville16]Amanda Scoles, Satin 'n Lace[harrisonville17][harrisonville19][harrisonville20][harrisonville21][harrisonville22]Bobby pins to the rescue[harrisonville23]Judge Phillip Hoover-Holthus talks with City Lights after their performance.  They were the last group to perform.  Hoover-Holthus praised their "good audeince connection" and noted that it was the "fCarli Still (left) and Stephanie Neves accepted Satin 'n Lace's awards.[harrisonville25]