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Andy Flanigan, Tim McElroy, Carli Still, and Kelsie Henry look at senior collages.[final1]Nicole Fulcher (second from left), Meg Milanick, and Mark Milanick attended the Rock Bridge show choirs' appetizer and dessert benefit.  The evening had a roaring '20s theme.  Meg Milanick's orange drKaren Hardeman and Annie Barksdale take a break from serving at the appetizer and desert benefit.[final3]Katie Shay performs during the talent show portion of the night.[final5]Kate Hrdina debuted a song she wrote with her father.[final6]Therese Whang sings during the talent portion of the night.[final7]Part of the night's entertainment included a tongue-in-cheek dance competition.  The Hrdina family chose to do the funky chicken dance.[final8]Caroline Sovich and her father went back to the disco era for the dance competition.[final9]Kenneth Roberts' friends tease him after he won the best hair award.[final10]Shelby Ringdahl sings during the talent show portion of the benefit.[final11]Kyle Sherman sings during the talen show portion of the benefit.[final12]Rock Bridge show choir seniors, class of 2010.[final13]Kelsie Henry cries during Mike Pierson's speech to Satin n Lace before their performance.  It was that last show of the year.[final14]The show must go on.  Spencer Crum fixes Kelsie Henry's make up before Satin n Lace's performance.[final15]Spencer Crum; Satin n Lace[final16]City Lights[final18]Hannah Pancoast, Allison Firsch, and Kelsie Kate; Satin n Lace[final17]Kristen Thackery, Kyle Sherman; City Lights[final19]"Will you take my Squishy?" Amber Tyus asked Penny Komes.  Amber won the fish earlier in the night, but couldn't keep it.  Penny took it home, and promised not to shake the bag, since "I've seen FindiJamie Daylor, Maccy Manson, and Anna Ryberg joke around after the benefit.  The kids attacked the leftover food.[final21]