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Hannah Overfelt peeks out from her teepee between seats on the bus to Omaha.[viking6]Stephen Welsh takes on Annie Stella in a game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.[viking12]Boys will be boys.  Kyle Sherman offered himself up as a target for the Nerf guns.[viking20]Allie Blaylock and Hannah Overfelt carried one of the z-racks down the stairs after finding it would not fit in the elevators.[viking21]Kristen Thackery scuffs the bottom of Stephanie Neves' dance shoes.  The girls added duct tape after learning the stage and risers at Omaha North High School were very slippery.[viking22]SATIN 'N' LACE, ONE OF THE TWO ROCK BRIDGE SHOW CHOIRS, PERFORMS IN THE VIKING CUP INVITATIONAL.Kyle Sherman, Annie Barksdale, and members of the Rock Bridge show choirs await to hear City Lights' placement at the final award ceremony.  They won Grand Champion.[viking30]To quote Shelby: "I could put my head in here!"  Caroline found she could fit her head in there too.[viking36]