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The Rev. Amy Chamber Cortright is one of two female pastors at Calvary Episcopal Church, which is a very unique situation.  Rev. Cortright and her husband moved to Columbia from New York City two yearRev. Jim Bryan has been a pastor for 33 years, spending the last nine years at the Missouri United Methodist Church.Rev. Dr. John D. Baker has been the pastor at the First Baptist Church for 11 years.Before moving to the First Presbyterian Church four and a half years ago, Rev. Kathie Jackson was the sole pastor for a congregation in Iowa.  Now she is part of a staff.  Even though the Columbia conPastor Kent Pierce has been with the Campus Lutheran Church for four years.Kerry Hollander is the executive director for the Hillel Foundation.  She has been with Hillel for 25 years, working to "facilitate programming for Jewish students at the University of Missouri, StephRev. Michael Will has been with the Missouri United Methodist Church for 10 years.  He is currently the Director of Young Adults and Campus Ministries.The Rev. Paula Robinson moved to Calvary Episcopal Church from the Diocese of Washington, D.C. in March 2008.  She thinks Columbia is a "cultured community" due to the theater and music offerings.Fr. Thomas Saucier, O.P. is in his third year as a priest at the St. Thomas More Parish & Newman Center.  A member of the Dominican order, he transferred to Columbia from a parish in Chicago after 10Rabbi Yossi Feintuch has lived in Columbia for almost 12 years.  Durin that time, his congregation has expanded from the Hillel Foundation building to their own synagogue and school.  He is eager abou