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Tribe quarterback Mike Potts, left, looks for an opening to pass during the game against VMI on Saturday.VMI players fall behind Tribe defensive back Derek Cox as he runs down the field.Tribe line backer Trevor McLaurin, left, runs with the ball and gets help from fellow Tribe players Travis McLaurin, center, and Mario Newby, right.Tribe quarterback Jacob Phillips, center, passes the ball to running back Elijah Brooks, left.Tribe runningback DeBrian Holmes, far right, rushes past VMI players with help from fellow Tribe team members David Houff, left, and Matt Otey.Senior Elijah Brooks, center, maneuvers through Villanova's defense during the Homecoming game.Senior Elijah Brooks, left, avoids Villanova's defense with help from junior Joe Nicholas.Sophomore DeBrian Holmes, right, runs with the ball after getting it from junior Mike Potts during the Homecoming game.Tribe senior Elijah Brooks, front, runs the ball down the field, with help from Rob Varno during the Homecoming game.Tribe v. VillanovaHomecoming Game10/28/06Senior Elijah Brooks tries to avoid Villanova's defense during the Homecoming game.Junior Mike Potts passes the ball, while sophomore DeBrian Holmes, right, guards him during the Homecoming game.