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IRENE ROJAS/Centennial 2008.  Samantha Liss, Brian Singler, and Olga Missiri (L-R) troubleshoot a video in the Futures Lab in the Reynolds Journalism Institute.IRENE ROJAS/Centennial 2008.  Zhang Damiao, Long Yifei, Cheng Tianquan, Gao Gang, Li Jiafu (L-R) from the People's University of China visit the MU campus.IRENE ROJAS/Centennial 2008.  Betty Cook Rottmann, '58, recalls how she attended the 50 year anniversary of the Journalism School, and is "glad to still be around" to see the centennial.IRENE ROJAS/Centennial 2008.  John Merrill, left, professor emeritus at the School of Journalism, greets Elmer Lower, '33, while Lower's son Lou watches.  Elmer Lower was the president of ABC News, asIRENE ROJAS/Centennial 2008.  Elmer Lower, '33, participates in an alumni interview for the Centennial.